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My blog isn’t “the usual”. I don’t have one specific topic, because I’m ONLY in my twenties, and no matter what my tastes and opinions are ever-changing. I post about books, makeup, water bottles, conspiracies, EVERYTHING.  However, I’m organized. I can break my ideas into three main categories: Beauty, Brains, and Books.

  • Beauty- cosmetics, reviews, workouts, hair tutorials, hair tricks, nail polish brands, etc.
  • Brains- theories, conspiracies, “how and why’s”, tutorials, poetry, articles, etc.
  • Books- reviews, opinions, wish list, reading challenges, etc.


  • I’m hopelessly addicted to all things makeup and hair, as most college girls are. I love the thought of going to Mars. I’m a little bit of a geek. Ash Ketchum and Billy Joe Armstrong were my first loves. I’ve been blogging and creating websites since 2006, and I’m an experienced writer. I like to eat chocolate, breathe, read, text, sing {BADLY}, laugh, smile, and dream.

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