2018; The Year to Pursue

I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t feel like 2018. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, because 2017 wasn’t as awful as I had expected it to be.

It doesn’t feel like a whole new year has started, but February (and the awful holiday that comes with it) is edging closer, so it’s finally time to think about the year ahead of me and everything that may (possibly) come with it.
It’s the year to FINALLY prioritize my happiness, to FINALLY pursue what I want, to FINALLY move in the direction of my dreams, and NEWSFLASH- it’s that year for you too.
Each year we make plans to do better, be better, and make a difference in our immediate surroundings, but we do so many meaningless things instead. We stick to our average lives and our normal circles, and complain about it when 12 months pass and we’re still in the same place.
But it’s 2018, let’s shake things up a bit.
Let’s make this year the year that we make a change. Even if it’s just one little change, make it. Whether it’s
learning to love the person you see in the mirror,
heading to the gym for the first time in years,
putting down those sugary snacks,
leaving the alcohol on the store shelf,
catching up on that strange hobby you loved as a kid,
binge watching Bob Ross make trees less lonely,
or finally reading a book (and loving it),
Do it with all the strength and confidence you have.
Let’s make this year the year that we say goodbye to every doubt and distraction that holds us back. Trust your instincts, let things happen. Let go of your fears and qualms that cloud your perception of yourself this year.
Be patient with yourself and shower yourself with self-love and affirmations.
Let’s make this the year of faith- In God & the people who have been there for you from day one. Instead of doubting every step, trust that there is a bigger plan for you. Instead of thinking you’re not capable, know that you are worthy.
Let’s make this year the year of something good, right, and real. Conquer that anxiety and the little voice in your head that says no to everyone that’s interested in you. Build something sweet with someone even sweeter. Crushes are fun! They’re silly and innocent and fun! Go for it this year. If it works, it works. If it doesn’t, you made some amazing memories to look back on at least.
In 2018, pursue the things that make your heart burn (in a good way, of course). Pursue the people that make you feel alive. Pursue the dreams that seem too far out of reach. This is your year. Don’t just survive it, live it.

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