An Unscripted Movie

Much like a movie, we began. 

*Please put on your headphones and enjoy the soundtrack of a story that could be book-ended by Waffle House*

Fate has a funny way of intervening in your life without any warning signs or red flags to let you know to prepare yourself for the beginning of everything that is flawlessly handcrafted just for you.

Just for you. 

When all of the stars in the universe are so perfectly aligned to bring you to the one moment in time that shakes you to the core of your being, and pulls you out of your comfortable life you’ve been living for far too long.

The best part of having a big heart is that it’s so big that you can’t walk into my life without making it feel something. The intensity of a single moment is multiplied by the surface area of the heart, a dangerous equation.

Too dangerous. 

Take into account the natural connections between humans. The unexplained ways that souls are drawn together by something so emotional, chemical, spiritual. When two souls are aligned, the energy intensifies and sets a spark.

Before even a word is spoken, before a single touch, there’s something in the air that pulls you together to create an incredible connection that can’t be simply defined,

Only felt. 

Sometimes when we meet people, our souls match on the deepest levels. Without romantic involvement, before we pour our hears out, without knowing each other previously, not because of similar experiences.

Simply because our souls were aligned in that one moment. Simply because ours souls felt something. Simply because one smile can spark a fire.

“Take me back to the night we met” 

It was nothing big, nothing like “love at first sight”, I just felt an entire shift in perspective from one moment somehow. As if one night could possibly change an entire lifetime.

Afterwards, talking became immensely easier, almost natural and effortless. Every day, up all hours, we talked. It was like we had known each other for months, years even. You learned the details of my messy life; you listened with no judgement. We fell into conversation, into laughter, into a friendship somehow mixed with platonic love that came so naturally, it almost felt

too perfect.

I wasn’t in love with you, per se, it wasn’t ever about that. It was more like your broken pieces fit my broken pieces somehow. When we talk, my heart is less heavy, my eyes are awake, my soul is at ease, and I feel peace that I haven’t felt since I was young.

Every little broken piece of my being fit with yours.

And that’s so rare. 

Sometimes we meet people who strengthen us. Sometimes we meet people whose hearts overflow ours unconsciously. Maybe it’s never about love, but about energy- how some people can feel safe and healed in a connection with someone else. How the space between two people is suddenly coated with nothing but trust and understanding.

I will never forget how I accidentally broke the one rule that was set, how our lives suddenly crossed paths, and you became such a necessary part of my life.

I’ll never forget you.

Everyone meets for a reason, they say, and I’m still trying to understand what role you play in my life. Somehow, from this accidental friendship, I’ve learned how to love myself.

I’m not exactly sure where our story will go, or if it’s already ending. Maybe you’re writing yourself a whole new chapter, or maybe you’ll be a returning character in my plot-line.

Maybe all of this post is just a story I’m working on. Or maybe it’s real.

In due time. 


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