You Are Enough, Pinky Promise

First and foremost, I want to take this chance to say that I’m sorry. Whoever you are, wherever you are, I’m sorry if you’re lost. 

If you think

  1. You’re not as talented/creative as you were before
  2. You’ve lost the fire you had
  3. You’re not anything special
  4. You’re something undesirable
  5. You’re not a decent human being


Good vibes only, dude.

If you let those insecurities eat you alive, you’ll forget that you are a work in progress.

And you’ve made a lot of progress.

Even if it doesn’t seem like it. 

You’re so blinded by the words and the actions of people who have hurt you, by the failures you’ve faced, by the disappointment that’s walked through your door.

But you are worth so much more than you’ll ever know.

You live in this pattern of screw ups and goodbyes. 

But you can change that. 

You doubt yourself too much, you forget that

Y O U   A R E   S T R O N G

Y O U   A R E   A M A Z I N G

Y O U   A R E   L O V E D 

Y O U   A R E   B E A U T I F U L L Y   H A N D M A D E

Y O U   A R E   H U M A N 

Please, forget all of the heartbreak and trauma you’ve encountered.

Please, remember the times you got back up and started again.

Please, know that someone has memories that will prove you are strong.

You are enough. 

You may have forgotten who you are, but someone hasn’t.

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