30 Alternatives to Getting Married and Making Babies

  1. Travel
  2.  Write a book
  3. Start a blog
  4. Save money
  5. Spend Money
  6. Play a sport
  7. Join a band
  8. Try out for a local play
  9. Jumpstart your career
  10. Take yourself on dates
  11. Plan a trip
  12. Go sky-diving
  13. Go on a train ride
  14. Hike new trails
  15. Go to the lake
  16. Take a random class
  17. Go to a local concert
  18. Redecorate your room/house
  19. Go to the gym
  20. Go for a run
  21. DIY project
  22. Meet new people
  23. Go on dates
  24. Go to new restaurants
  25. Work crazy long hours
  26. Volunteer
  27. Donate your clothes
  28. Kiss a stranger (practice caution)
  29. Binge-watch Netflix (Jessica Jones is GREAT)
  30. Read a new book

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