What Did I Do? 

What did I do to you…To make you treat me like I’m so small?

I’ve put you on a pedestal for over a year now…

And with an outstretched arm, you push me to the floor. 

I’ve watched your back with my ear to the ground… 

While poison wrapped itself around my name and dripped from your tongue. 

I was loyal to you for all that time…

For you to wake up one day with no heart. 

The day that I lost you..

Was the day I lost the world I knew. 

I blamed myself everyday for five months.. 

And you watched me bleed. 

I’ve forgiven your foolishness for two years… 

But you bury me in the ground if I slip a hurtful word into your bubble of posh childishness. 

What did I do to you…

To make you feel like you can do this to a human being? 

I treat you like a best friend even now.. 

And you treat me like you don’t know what Christianity is. 

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