A Thank You Letter

Thank you.
That’s how you start a thank you letter right?
A simple “thank you” should suffice.
But it’s a letter.
So like..a whole piece of paper.
I can try that.

Thank you. For loving me from the start. From the moment you knew I existed. For caring about me and wanting me to be happy.
For making sure I’m okay. For letting me know that everything will get better. For teaching me things only someone that’s as close to me as you are can teach me.
Thank you for helping me every single time I’m down. Whether I’m confused, frustrated, or just super sad, you’ve been there.
When it was 4am and I hadn’t slept in three days, when I was screaming into my pillows, you were there to comfort me.
I talk to you all the time, every day really. But I still feel like that’s not enough.
And when I talk to you about my best friend, you don’t judge me. You listen.
Sometimes, at just the right moments, you give me feedback.
And I listen.
Thank you for motivating me to be better. It’s strange that people in this world try so hard to bring me down. But you’re always there to pick me up, and I love that.
You’re the only person that I know I can count on. That’s crazy, right? Considering so many people call me “friend”. But friend is not my label.
“Daughter” is my label.
“Disciple” is my label.
Not simply, “friend”.
So thank you, God, for being so full of grace and mercy, and for loving me when nobody else can.

Yours Always,

Leighton Paige

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