You Deserve A Nap

Hey cutie in a cool shirt with nice shoulders and pretty eyes, 

I know things were rough today. Your boss did her fake laugh thing that exacerbated your already looming headache. And your coworkers were so loud. ALWAYS SO LOUD. Does your manager even realize that the purple shirt brings out the gray in his hair? Probs not. 

After mustering up what little energy you have left, you make your way to work and try to make it through the B O R I N G shift. You need coffee. Or alcohol. Or both. 

Your phone vibrates. It’s likely one of two people. 

“Hey, can we talk?” 

It’s probably that ex that’s still holding on. Or maybe that creep that you went on a date with that you hope you’ll never see again. 

There’s a Facebook notification with your memories. It’s a picture of you hugging your ex five years ago. How lovely of Facebook to punch you in the stomach like that. 

Hey, remember that time when you weren’t exhausted? Me either. 

The good news, there’s a marvelous thing called your bed waiting for you.

It sits there, patiently, eager for your return.

I know things are tough today. Your head feels underwater and that girl from high school won’t stop posting her engagement photos (WE GET IT, DUDE!), but there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

You deserve a nap. 

Just make it through the shift, darling. 

Your pillows are waiting patiently. 

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