The Art of the Chase

It’s increasingly common for this generation to fall in love with the chase. In fact, I’ve heard multiple times that “the chase is the best part.” But…is it really? 

Of course we romanticize the idea of being chased and chasing someone….but what’s romantic about asking someone to love you? 

The art of chasing itself means being uneasy, second guessing yourself regularly, and having clouded judgment. That’s romantic? 

I actually don’t like (nor do I date) guys who actively chase me. 

And it makes sense. 

I wouldn’t date someone that makes me “work for it”, who makes me question myself, who makes me feel unwanted or unworthy. 

I’m going to date someone who doesn’t make me cry. Who makes me laugh at absolutely nothing. Who doesn’t make me feel like I’m not good enough. Who never makes me question their loyalty. 

Someone who is present. 

Someone who is there for me without being asked to be. 

Someone who isn’t scared to talk about their feelings. 

Someone who wakes up thinking about me. 

Someone who cares about me. 

Someone who makes me feel like we’re in this together. 


Don’t date someone you have to chase. It’s not worth it. 

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