Adventure is Out There

I don’t know if you’ll ever take the time to read this. But one day I hope you do, just for the sake of understanding. 

I traced the curves of your fingers, I became accustomed to the rough skin of your knuckles, I memorized all the scars I found on your arms while listening to your stories. My mind kept telling me that I’m in danger. Yet, I hushed that little voice that listened to the very people that hurt me. I enjoyed expecting nothing from us, for once.

I navigated the situation like a seasoned sailor most of the time, with just a few snags that set me off. I was focused on not catching the waves of accidental similarities between us, and putting them in jars to keep for later.

And when I decided that you’re a risk I was willing to take, I memorized the curve of your jaw and the sound of your voice.

Underneath all the possible uncertainties and fears, I know two things.

I am an adventurer.

You are an adventure.

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