He Likes Your Pictures But…He Doesn’t Like You

Maybe I’m throwing shade right now…maybe I’m not. Maybe he’ll like this when I share it on Facebook…maybe he won’t.

He likes you…enough to double tap your selfie that slayed mankind’s existence. Enough to (heart) react to that picture you shared. Enough to screenshot that cute snap you posted on your story.

But clearly, he doesn’t like you enough, because he doesn’t bother to hit up your phone.

Or slide into your DMs.

Or hop into your messenger on the Book of Face.

Occasionally he may snap you some ignorant comment though. And you totally leave it on opened. 

But really, he pays more attention to your ADORABLE selfies, because he cares about your body more than your personality.

He double taps and reacts to make sure you remember that he exists in the world. This could blow up in his face if the Purge begins. 

He doesn’t care about you or how you’re doing, because he doesn’t want to be your boyfriend. Which is ridiculous, because you’re amazing.

He just wants the ego boost that comes with thinking you’re still interested in him. He wants to keep the attention to himself, without the actual effort of getting it.

He actually thinks you think about him all day long just because it took him two seconds to heart react your selfie. 


Don’t chase someone that only likes your online presence.

Or someone who thinks you should be flattered by a like.

Unfollow him, block him, delete him.

You deserve the world, not just a heart react.

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