\Coming Out of Something Toxic/

There’s something beautiful about catching feelings for another human being, something fresh and new and terrifyingly consuming. 

That’s only the beginning.

Oftentimes, relationships die out quickly, with only the occasional rush of emotion holding the two together. 

In a lot of cases, the relationship turns toxic. 

But you stay. 

You start to think, “Maybe this will change, maybe they’ll be better. This is just a phase.”, all while you’re running circles in a burning building, with no escape from the thick smoke that will fill your lungs. 

But you have to get yourself out. 

Nobody teaches you about the dangers of feelings. Nobody tells you that trying to move on can feel like self-inflicted wounds that make up a slow but steady death of your own soul. 

People make it look easy, as if taking your clothes out of their room will take the feelings you have for them out of your heart. 

But the memories will stay with you. Laughter, drunk nights, the feeling of being young and infatuated with their smile. The memories will stick to you, and you’ll let them stay. 

Even though that’s how you will ruin yourself. 

Before “us” turned into a singular word, the relationship had already taken its last nose dive. 

You look back and you see that you both have changed. You take off your rose-colored glasses and you realize how bad the relationship truly was. 

You used to be a stray cat scratching on their door, waiting to be let in again. 

But you don’t have to be that anymore. 

It’s not a simple path, but they were just detours on your journey. Your destination is still ahead of you, don’t veer off your path to follow them to theirs.

When you finally let go fully, it’s like opening a door and seeing yourself standing there. 

You say, “Welcome home. It’s been too long.” 

Because getting rid of an old love will make you feel new again, and your journey will continue. 


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