That One Time I Did What Millennials DON’T Do


As a millennial there are many things expected of me. I’m supposed to be immature, self-absorbed, and not care about the future of my country, that’s what people say anyway. In the long run I’m proud to be a millennial because not only are we an accepting generation, we’re caring and compassionate. It’s not our fault people only focus on the bad that comes out of our generation instead  of all the good! But that’s not what this post is about, it’s about the time I did what Millennials aren’t doing.

Recent studies have shown that about 19 percent of millennials aged 25-34 are staying in their parents’ home instead of moving out on their own (Pew analysts).  This is the first time since 1880 that the number of people living at home outweighed the number of people that are living with a partner. This growing pattern is also reflecting a decline in marriage and is popular among Americans without college degrees. As a matter of fact, the economy has been slowly growing partially because of the rates of home construction being so low.

Recently I took the challenge and moved into my first apartment, which was a major change from living with my parents. As a college sophomore it was a big leap for my age, and it was a major struggle at first. Paying bills, buying groceries, getting furniture, it’s not easy. I understand why millennials are scared. Personally I believe that it was beneficial and that more people should do it as soon as they’re ready, because it changes you and challenges you. In other words, MILLENNIALS GET OFF YOUR BUTTS! And have a nice day 🙂

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