Stop Worrying About the Gay Community and…

Hey guys and girls (because there are people who get butthurt over using the term “guys” in a general fashion), let me tell you something really important:


That’s right, it’s not at just about the gay community, it’s about hate. You see, the problem we have here in our country is that we think we deserve everything. We forget how precious the little things are, like the privilege of attending public schools, and the privilege of driving, or even the privilege of being alive. We’ve had these privileges for so long that we’ve fallen into a toxic pit of forgetting the difference between privileges and rights. Most Americans are born into their privileges and therefore are brought up seeing others who don’t share the same ones as less fortunate or even less deserving. Having that type of mindset ultimately destroys social equality, causing hate to increase.

It’s this same hate that is fueled by privileges being taken advantage of that causes hate crime. As much as I support, grieve, and stand with the gay community in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Orlando, I believe that if we spent more time focusing on the cause of these kind of crimes and actually rethinking our own mindsets, even just a small number of us, we could lower the crime rate.

If we actually pushed kindness and knowledge in our media instead of so much made up, violent, toxic, mind controlling terror, we could lower the crime rates in our country. These would include not only mass hate crime shootings, but smaller hate crimes, crimes on the streets, and random attacks in small towns. These attackers don’t get these ideas on their own for the most part. Do you think the man who killed in Orlando would’ve pledged his allegiance to ISIS if the media hadn’t blown ISIS out of proportion and force feed terror to us? Yes, ISIS is a problem and a threat, but seeing their ideas and their beliefs online, on social media platforms, on the news, it gives people ideas.

In the aftermath of Orlando we can stand along side and support the gay community, however we should still be pushing for change in individuals by promoting values and morals the way we promote presidential candidates online: memes, gifs, videos, posts, anything! If we put more effort into what needs to be shared and taught nationwide, maybe we’d be better off. So instead of that Donald Trump meme you’re about to share, why not post something nice or inspirational for a change?

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