Proverbial Thinking…

“When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.”

(Maria, The Sound of Music)

                I cannot count the number of times I’ve felt like a door was closing and that I’d be staring down a corridor of closed doors for a very long time. There’s a famous proverb that says, “When God closes a door, He opens another”, something I had always been told by religious folks when I stumbled into hole (usually by my own doing), and also something I never thought about. Every day I try to make time to be alone with God, and that’s when the quote from The Sound of Music came to mind; “When God closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.”

Lately I’ve been taking things day by day. My relationship, my friendships, my family, my education, my job…I take the hand I’m given each morning and try to play a killer round of BS (the card game). When I thought of this quote I already knew it was what I’d been waiting for, another sign from God; I get a lot of signs these days. Recently all of my relationships with people have been falling apart. Some go slowly and some go quickly downhill, I even have a few that fall down a rabbit hole into something I can’t even understand. My initial reaction is confusion each time. I want to fix them, I want to go back through my brain’s Polaroid picture memory book and play “Find the Differences” to see where things went wrong. I want to put the blame where it rightfully belongs and move past whatever came between the relationships. So it was nice to take a breather and hear that quote play through my head a few times.

When God opens the door he is opening it to let someone in, someone has to leave to make room for the new addition. This applies to opportunities as well, one leaves so that another may come. My life is a hallway. The walls are charcoal gray, the baseboards are white, the doors are all a solid firetruck red. People, opportunities, ideas, those come and go freely. Some are quick and some are slow, but most continue to come and go. When I look at life in that perspective I don’t feel the need to chase down people who leave me behind. I’m comforted knowing God is sending someone much better my way to give me new experiences and teach me more.

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