Treadmills &Childish Gambino

So as I’m writing this it’s a Friday and it’s 9:30am. It’s also a free day in my college total fitness class. It’s a rarity for sure, so today I took to the treadmills.

The freshman fifteen is real, guys. It’s real. You really do gain a lot of weight your freshman year of college if you’re not careful. It can be from eating too often, drinking sugary drinks, or even from not eating at regular intervals.

So today I burned 100+ (my breakfast basically) calories during gym class by walking on the treadmill.

Before I started school, before August 24,2015, I weighed 105 lbs. At the beginning of September I had already gained five pounds. Now i’m back to water bottles and granola bars while I try to stay healthy!

I promise, once I get enough time my blogs will be a lot longer and better than this one!

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