Ahead on my Assignments but Behind on Sleep

I’m on the second week of college classes and my third week of work.

Ew. Being an adult is not something I’m interested in. xD

But really, it’s not too bad. I work on campus and make $7.50 an hour so I think I’m doing good….I’d be doing better if I didn’t have to pay out of pocket for tuition.

I’m taking 15 hours of credits, which is six classes. I’ve already written around eight essays, finished about seven tests, done a lot of in class work, and my paycheck has 76 hours of work on it. I’m a pretty busy bee I guess.

There’s a few things I hate about my new schedule.

  • I don’t get a lot of sleep.
  • I have some annoying coworkers for sure…
  • Do I even have a family? Like…if I never see them then do they really exist?
  • Umm…eating once a day is not fun.
  • I’m gaining weight.
  • I don’t get to exercise or run anymore except in gym class (Not even half as effective as the stuff I was doing before)
  • Did I mention my family has disappeared?

So yea, I’ve been pretty busy. This is the first time I’ve had time to sit down and blog since August 17th.

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