1 Car, 3 Boys, 1,000 Broken Hearts

It was an average day in an average town, I was in class at an average high school. Bell just rang, it was time for students to leave. I made my way to the cafe to work until my bus arrived, on the way there I saw a few students crying. I remember thinking “is it national breakup day or something?”, because that’s what high school kids are usually upset about, right?
Boy was I wrong.
Some kids walked into the cafe to buy some snacks. Beth and I were working when we first heard “Maleke, Timmy, and Sammy got in a wreck.” Of course the facts were jumbled up and we didn’t know if we believed it quite yet. I got a little teary eyed, but kept calm just in case it wasn’t real. Buses started to arrive one by one and I got ready to close the cafe. I turned off the slushy machine (because sometimes Mrs. Jones is forgetful)
Then it hit me.
Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Demers told us what happened. Sammy was driving, he was thrown out of the windshield. Timmy and Maleke were still in the car.
I cried of course. Most high schoolers left the building crying that day. My bus ride home was quiet.
I don’t know why I thought about all of this at 3am. But I did. And so I posted it.

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