NASA, me, and Astronaut Abby


There comes a time in your life when you stumble upon someone so authentic, unique, and talented that they become your inspiration. They make you rethink things you’ve done and ask yourself how you can improve, they make you wonder if you can reach farther than the sky-out into space- to catch your dreams.
That happened to me. I accidentally found the Instagram account of “Astronaut Abby” and I instantly went into research mode. This girl is legit!

You all know who NASA is ( National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Since I was little I have been consumed by the idea of going into space, more specifically to Mars. Now, as an eighteen year old I know that I can’t. I’m only 4 foot 11 and I don’t have 20/20 eyesight, so I don’t meet astronaut qualifications. I’ve settled on going to law school and working in the NASA headquarters in DC.

Abby Harrison (pictured above) is an aspiring astronaut, who was blessed with the opportunity of a lifetime. Thanks to social media connects she met Luca Parmitano, whom she now knows as her mentor.
She now attends space camp, goes to Russia to learn the language for future endeavors, (Manuals are written in Russian I believe) and she continues to inspire everyone with her strong willed journey to be the first person on Mars in 2030.
I seriously want to meet Abby and ask her about her experiences. It’s amazing that someone my own age is doing something so big! And once I finish law school I might just get the job with NASA and maybe, just maybe, get lucky enough to meet her!
After my realization that it’s possible to do whatever you can set your mind to, I decided it’s high time to stop being average and start being above average. So here’s to the years to come filled with working to pay tuition, grades that keep me in the top ten of my college class, and lots of internships!

Thank you Abby for showing me, and everyone else, that you can really do anything you set your mind to!




{readers, let’s get this to Abby!}

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