Chocolate Milk and a New Job

   It’s that time of year again–back to school. Only this time I’m not going back to a rinky dink public school, I’m starting college. Of course that means LOTS of job applications, less-than-ever supply shopping, looking for textbook deals, and stressing out over everything.
   I don’t know about you, (but I’m feeling 22) but I definitely took advantage of financial aid and scholarships for my freshman year and still had to pay some out of pocket. That agitates me to no end. Money is always tight and now it just got tighter.
  I’ve been job searching since April and finally got my first interview on the 20th of July at the college dining hall. I worked in my high school cafe so working in an upgraded version is extremely exciting! I went to orientation to learn the ropes and now I’ll be making $7.50 an hour for the next 10 months. This will go towards six more years of tuition.
   I’ve recently rediscovered my love for chocolate milk. I don’t like milk, but with the Hershey chocolate mix it’s perfect! And it’s delicious.

   That’s my little spill about my recent life events, I hope to find time for more posts soon!


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