GASC Leadership Summit


One of the best times of my life happened in Atlanta, Georgia inside the capital building. I got to participate in the Georgia Association of Student Councils Leadership Conference. It was a rough ride there, because our driver had no idea where he was going and it was raining cats and dogs outside. We showed up late, which was embarrassing. We literally interrupted a state representative by walking into his discussion late. Oops.

After a few important speeches about leadership, we were released to go to lunch. Everyone who attended the event was to meet in an old train depot across the street. When we arrived we were each given a card from a random deck of playing cards, the lunch was Alice in Wonderland themed! Tables around the room were set up by cards, 4 of spades black was my card. I found my seat towards the back of the room and soon my five tablemates joined me. We all played introductory games and talked about where we were going to college, our interests, and made jokes. It’s like walking into a room full of likeminded people and instantly being friends with all of them! That experience alone really proved that I had broke out of my shy shell once and for all.

For lunch we were served Chick-fil-a and cookies. It was great, and my first time ever eating Chick-fil-a! After lunch we were to report to assigned leadership workshops. I was blessed with the opportunity to be in a workshop with Miss Maggie Bridges, last year’s Miss Georgia. She gave great advice and listened to everything we had to say, and even showed us her remake of “Shake it Off” for Georgia Tech!

My second workshop placed me in a comfortable seat on the House Floor, where representatives usually sit. (It was awesome, trust me) And a lot of my friends that came with me were down there too, so we all sat together. We heard speeches from state leaders to retired weathermen, to hall of fame baseball players. My favorite quote has to be “A good leaders knows the way, shows the way, and goes the way.”

We also had a quirky guy who did a lot of leadership activities talk to us. He rapped for us and read us his poetry about leadership and freedom and pride.

I learned a lot at the GASC Leadership Summit, and if I was going to be in high school another year I would go back again!

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