Tick Tock, Tick Tock

No, I’m not mocking the Hunger Games series, I’m talking about time. When I was younger I often questioned clocks. Who made them, who set the first clock, who made the time zones, why does it speed up and slow down? Needless to say, I never got straightforward answers. Though my grandma did teach me the time zones (thank you grandma (I know you’re reading this) :P).

I’m older now and I see the way time effects things more clearly. The buildings that were once new are now old and decaying, pets are dying of old age, my dad is getting gray hair, my stepmom’s eyes are full of worry and less of light, my grandparents are taking medicines and having regular doctor appointments, my cousins are married, everything changes in the blink of an eye.

My great uncle and his wife came to visit my grandparents. Last time I saw him and his wife they seemed ageless and had great hair for their age. Now they’re a part of the graying population. My great grandma passed away, last time I saw her I was seven or eight and playing with the toys she bought me.

Time controls us. It controls our bodies, our minds, and our environments.

And we waste it every day, don’t we? Think about the last time you spoke to your best friend, how long has it been? The last time you saw your parents? The last time you traveled? The last time you went out with your family?

See, the thing about life is that you’re only guaranteed death. And when you’re coming to that age you don’t think about your mustang or your chevelle, you don’t think about the money or the job. You’ll think about the time you spent with the people you love, the time you spent doing things that make you happy.

Get off Snapchat.

Get off Instagram.

Get off Twitter.

Stop cussing.

Stop fighting.

Stop yelling.


You’re running out of time.

I hope this post makes you stop and think, even if only for a second. Everyone deserves to live a long, happy, successful life; it all comes down to you.

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