Three Things Thursday

Is it just me, or is Thanksgiving a weird holiday? It’s pretty much a day for everyone to get together and stuff their faces, because shouldn’t we be thankful every other day of the year too? Today I’m thankful for a lot, but here’s three things outside the usual categories that I’m oh-so thankful for.

My HOMEDICS Dream Machine

I’m a light sleeper, I have super sensitive ears, I pick up on sounds like a hawk sometimes. I live in a house of seven, so it’s not always quiet when I’m trying to sleep. Thank God for my dream machine. It comes with six sound settings:




Summer Night


White Noise

At first I used the rain sound, but I found myself counting the pattern of drops instead of sleeping. Weird.

Now I use the white noise sound. It blocks out loud talking and stomping outside my room.

BUT—White noise has a scary side. Sometimes I start to hear what sounds like talking, sometimes it sounds like a TV in the distance, sometimes it’s a quiet screech.

It’s all fake, the imagination at its worst, but it never fails to creep me out in the middle of the night.


I’ve always had long curly hair. After graduation I had it cut short, like a bob. It’s too short to do anything with and since my hair is naturally curly I HAVE TO straighten it.

But see…I’ll be at the beach… and my hair will be getting wet….and my hair will dry curly.

My hair makes me look like a boy-not what I intended to happen at all.

So I’m thankful for hair because it grows and because mine grows fast. I can’t wait to get back to my curls.


Books keep me sane. Well….sane on the insane side of things at least. They drive me crazy. Once I start reading I can’t stop and if it’s really good it takes over my dreams and my thoughts. I’m currently rereading The Mortal Instruments series, because it’s my favorite. I own each book as well as the series that accompanies it, the ShadowHunter Codex, and a hand crafted Herondale ring. I guess you can call me obsessed.

I love books so much, I’m extremely thankful for each one.

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