555 Words on Bullying

In the smart words of miss perfection, “Shake it Off”, because you know what? Bullies only act the way they do because of their own childish insecurities. I’m eighteen years old and I’ve spent a good sixteen of them being bullied by my older sister, at least seven of them being bullied by people at school, and I finally took a stand.

I’ll never understand what pulls that trigger in somebody’s mind, what makes them think they can be so hateful to someone. We’re all born the same, we’re all human, all a part of mankind. We’re all born on the same Earth. What makes us different? Because here’s a list of things that DON’T make us different:

Skin color












So on and so forth.

                Everyone is stereotypical. I admit, I say nigga. I really do, I’m a 4 foot 11 inches tall white girl who says nigga and I make jokes. Because to me there’s no such thing as racism, it’s a word thrown around that has no meaning anymore. Get what I’m saying? I mean come on, Donald Glover is probably #2 on my list of dream dates. To me we’re all the same color, the jokes and words aren’t caused by hatred of one race or culture, it’s a way to lash back at the way society is trying to make us. We’re all one, yet others try to split us apart and make us scared of each other.

Big girls, skinny girls, tall girls, short girls, we’re all the same. Don’t take any hate for the way you look, you look gorgeous to someone and you probably don’t even know it.

Male misandry, AKA Hillary Clinton. Her opinions are less about making the female population better, and more about turning them against men. What about men’s rights? They have given us a lot and we can only get better, stop hating on the men.

Everyone has their own opinion, DON’T BE AFRAID TO SHARE IT. Being yourself is the most beautiful thing you can be and trying to be someone else is such a waste of energy. Be unique.

Believe in what you want and hold yourself to those beliefs. You don’t have to conform to what everyone else believes in at all, they probably follow the crowd anyway. Start your own crowd, even if it starts with only one.

And to the bullies, back off. The most mature thing for you to do is realize how immature you’re being. Cyberbullies included! Just because you aren’t physically speaking to someone doesn’t mean you aren’t hurting them! Suicide is one of the leading causes of death, especially for teenagers, and that’s one of the reasons why. Stop being disrespectful and actually be a good part of society. Change the way things currently are, and lead others to do the same because hurting someone is the most ridiculous thing you can possibly do.

Everyone has their individual quirks, but that doesn’t make them any different from anyone else. We’re all the same and we all deserve to live happily. We all deserve to be respected, happy, and healthy. Don’t let others tear you down because they don’t like themselves, take a stand. Now, before you can’t get a handle on it.

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