Why do we Die?

The teenage population as a whole is known to be reckless. With the top leading causes of death including cars, substance abuse, and suicide, I can see why it may seem that way. In effort to lower the rate of car-related deaths, a school in Texas began a program called Teens in the Driver Seat, and has reached millions with their words. During my last year of high school, FCCLA and Be the Change teamed up with T-Driver.com to spread awareness to our peers. Thanks to connections, I got the honor of helping with this project by creating and distributing the information.

FCCLA ran a table in the cafeteria during all lunch periods where students could pick up information, talk to club officers, and get TDS pens that were made in our school’s colors. While researching this project, I learned a lot more than I expected. Teenagers are prone to accidents for various reasons; here are the most common:

Driving at night

Speeding/street racing

Distractions (i.e. cell phones, friends, pets, etc.)

Low seat belt usage

Impaired driving (i.e. sunglasses, stickers on the back glass, etc.)

                After losing three, almost four, students to car accidents just in the last two years it was crucial for us to get the word out and help others understand what they can do to be more careful. I STRONGLY encourage you to get involved or even suggest the idea to someone you know, because speaking about Teens in the Driver Seat COULD SAVE A LIFE.

Below is a free printable of the information in a paper saving format. Each page has three bookmark sized informational sheets, which can be cut and handed out at school, at work, in a library, or anywhere you deem fit. Please get involved and help decrease the chance of car related deaths.

Teens In The Driver Seat

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