7 Things my Childhood Taught Me

I realized as I began the steady climb towards the age of eighteen, that there’s a lot of things I’ve learned that have really changed my perspective on life. Everyone has that “AHA!” moment at some point in their life, I just had mine a little early. Sometime between the age of seventeen and eighteen I began to develop my sense of self, or my character, and this is the list of the MOST crucial things I’ve learned by making it through childhood.

  1. Your memories are precious. *I can’t stress enough how much I miss being a kid. I miss the sound dial up internet made, the unplugging of phone lines just to use a computer, AOL, Netscape, BellSouth. I miss forts in the woods around my house with my cousins. I miss poison oak from the adventures in the woods. I miss the original PlayStation, the Sega, every morning before school when I ate toast and watched Dora. I miss waking up in my underwear on the living room floor because “bra” wasn’t in my vocabulary yet. I miss putting powerpuff girls and littlest pet shop stickers on my wall when my new house was built. I miss drooling over Justin Bieber, wanting to be Miley Cyrus, singing Taylor Swift songs in the talent shows, and never missing a Disney movie. I’ll never get to relive those memories and how I felt in those moments. They’re once in a lifetime.*


  1. Get back up kid, you’re not dying. *Oh my lord I cannot even begin to list the vast amount of times I thought I was dying. Emotionally, physically, mentally, I was a mess 24/7. When I was younger I thought everything was the end of the world. From the time I didn’t get an Ipod right when I wanted it, to the time I was broken up with after a 3+ year relationship. When I wanted a new copy of Animal Crossing (because I’m a gaming addict obviously), to the multiple times I wanted a new phone (I got my first cell phone at the age of 4 or 5). I always cried and complained and begged to get things my way, but as the saying goes, the world isn’t Burger King. The point is, no matter what happens you’re still alive and you’re still breathing. You have day after day after day to live and you shouldn’t waste a second of any of them being emotional over something so miniscule in the scheme of things.*


  1. Your friends are not your boss. *Everyone goes through that stage where your friends are your life. Movies, books, even society itself emphasizes the need for friends. Like, can we not be independent for once? Is that not an option anymore? It drives me crazy that younger people can’t function on their own. When you’re older you won’t ever talk to 98% of the people you know now. I just ended high school knowing each one of my classmates, but I can agree with others when I say I may only talk to a total of about 5 of them ever again. And three of which is only because we’ll be in college together. So don’t let your friends control you. What they do, what they say, what they think, none of it will matter down the road so don’t let it matter now.*


  1. Stop talking, start listening. * Okay, okay. You get lectured every time a noise comes out of your mouth, right? You’re young, you think you know what you’re doing, you don’t want advice, but it never killed anyone to listen to a lecture. I have learned some of the most life changing things from others. I’ve learned from my step mom, my dad, my grandparents, my teachers, a guy I totally creeper-crushed on for the longest time (he knows who he is xD), and I’ve even learned from strangers. So stop talking and listen to people around you. You’ll learn from their stories, their mistakes, and their personalities. Your environment will shape who you become, so make sure you only keep go company. YOU REALLY DO BECOME WHO YOU HANG OUT WITH. Make that group good.*


  1. Don’t waste time. * Yes you’re young, yes you have a life to live. But you’re not guaranteed tomorrow, ever. Cut out everything that’s a waste of your time. Drugs, alcohol, bad friends, constantly-grumpy people, negativity, everything that’s pulling you down. Life is a beautiful, wonderful, amazing thing. Spend time with the people that love you, meet new people, spend some time outdoors, visit a nearby tourist attraction, cook a healthy homemade meal, volunteer at a food shelter or somewhere similar, try to make your life happy and full of worth. I believe that everyone is born with potential and keeps that potential to do something great with their life forever. You can make a difference just by smiling at people on the street! Our world is a shallow, conceited place. If you’re not a part of that crowd and you show it, you’ll be appreciated and you’ll feel better about yourself. Stop wasting time online, with that group of friends who are up to no good, or doing things that you don’t enjoy.*


  1. Tune in a little more. * Everyone’s on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Lettrs, or some type of social media platform; everybody’s online. Did you know important public figures are online too? That’s right! Rand Paul, Marco Rubio (my two men xD), Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Kelly from Fox News! They’re all right there for you to follow, friend, like, whatever it is you do. And you haven’t done it yet. That’s disappointing. I encourage all of you to get involved in things that interest you, whether it’s politics or rescuing animals. Become a part of a cause or a movement. Follow politicians that share your interests, it’s important to have great leaders for our country and having ignorant voters doesn’t make that happen. Learn about the things that interest you most and support them, you’ll learn a lot about yourself in the process.*

 tune in

  1. You’re an individual. * Notice how I didn’t say “original”. Know why? Because everyone and their brother claims to be original these days, which makes the term and the idea UNORIGINAL. Stop trying to fit into a group or a stereotype! I’m a women’s rights activist, I’m a makeup addict, a die-hard music lover, a Taylor Swift junkie, I love the color blush, I love floral patterns, I don’t have a celebrity crush, I’M AN INDIVIDUAL. Have your own opinions, your own feelings, your own thoughts, don’t try to be someone you’re not because living that way is not enjoyable at all. And even though nobody says anything, they notice. They know you’re spitting up random tumblr girl nonsense to fit in. They know you’re repeating your best friend’s opinions or rumors. Be yourself and so many more people will love you for who you are. Pinky promise.*


That’s the seven most important things that my childhood taught me. I know you think you have it all figured out, been there done that. But believe me when I say that after heartbreak, suicide risk, hospitals, jail, every obstacle handed down to me by some high and mighty being, I saw how ignorant teenagers can be. And I’m still learning with every day that comes. ❤

2 thoughts on “7 Things my Childhood Taught Me

  1. sunflower says:

    LOVE love love this post!! Extremely well written and what wisdom! You sound like a smart, mature young woman (I hope I got that right lol) I think you should try submitting this post somewhere! I will share this on twitter! Great job!


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