My February Loves {Review Two}


Hey guys! So, on Etsy {The best place EVER} you can find an adorable little shop called Kirameku. After talking to the creator of the handmade jewelry I asked her to tell me how she got started. Here is what she said!


Kirameku started around 2008-2009. At that time I was going to school in Fine Arts and I was very disappointed ever since my prom (that was four years back) where I didn’t find the exact jewelry I wanted to wear and had to settle for something that really didn’t represent me. I was getting older, my taste in jewelry had evolved but not my expense budget. Paying for school, especially art, was expensive and the jewelry I wanted was always out of my budget. I decided that enough was enough and I started to make my own jewelry. I had learned the basics of jewelry making a few years back so I dusted off my tools and got to work. I was very happy to create the berries, I always loved the intensity of color and how glass was able to keep this intensity while having a gorgeous classic finish. My friends were curious about the Berries and asked me for some custom pieces. They simply loved them! They asked for more, talked about them to their friends and the first thing I knew, I was always thinking about new models and working on a new collection. A friend of mine spoke to me of Etsy, and I simply fell in love with the concept! So I opened up my Etsy shop in late 2009. I wanted to share my Berry jewelry with women around the world that were looking for that colourful and feminine piece that would suit them perfectly. Kirameku has now one mission : make my customer sparkle and shine! 🙂


il_170x135.234031937 il_170x135.254696740 il_170x135.531417464_qdqt il_170x135.533215829_hk13 il_170x135.585930507_13et

And you know what’s even cooler? She offered a coupon code just for my readers!


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