Ell is Here. Finally.

For those of you who go to school with me- it’s finally here. The moment the ELL scheme is finally explained.
For those of you who don’t- I’ll include the background information.


January 2014, I was just an 11th grader. My graduating class lost Matt, as well as a man who graduated before us. Things in my hometown weren’t that great. Kids were indulging in drugs, alcohol, stealing, etc, and I was just starting to find out who I really am.

I’m a leader, there’s no doubt about it. I’m senior class secretary and treasurer, and I’m fully prepared to do whatever it takes to turn around the lives of kids in my town. I write for the newspaper in hopes that the community will get involved with the school and motivate them to graduate and work hard. I want the future to be better for those who come after me.

ELL started in a crazy way. I was writing quotes on sticky notes and I dropped one in the bathroom when I went to wash pen off my hand. Later that day a girl had said she found it and it made her day. So I started doing it more. I signed with “ELL”, because that’s how you pronounce the first letter of my name.

I was at lunch when I heard two people, Braden and Reagan, walk by with sticky notes in their hand. They wanted to know who it was. So of course I confided in one of my closest friends, Cheyenne, and got her in on it.

After that we started writing at least 70 a week, and leaving class {with permission} to put them up.

The first person to find out it was me was Jorge. I knew it would be him, just because of how close we had gotten lately. Then it was Kendrick, kudos to him.

So I kept doing it and it just stayed anonymous.

Well this year started off great, except that sticky notes weren’t allowed in the new building. We have a “special” kind of tape we have to use. So it was a no go. But while it lasted I know it touched a lot of people, and that’s all that matters to me.

Now, I understand a lot of people will think it wasn’t me, that I’m posting this for attention. If that’s you, comment your twitter username below. I’ll get you proof.

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