Read This Next Time You’re DESPERATELY Longing for a Relationship {*cough cough* V-Day}

Looks like it’s that time again, February, the month of love. So about this time every year all I hear about is how much girls want boyfriends. That’s why I decided to go do my own research on the cons of being in a relationship!



  1. Dating for the wrong reasons. Whether it be for the Valentine’s gifts, the social status perks, or whatever it may be, there’s no point of being in a relationship that isn’t real. A lot of people date for the wrong reasons, which ends up hurting both parties.
  2. The inevitable decision. There’s two ways a relationship can go. Either you’ll break up or you’ll stay together and get married. Think about that before you go dating just anyone!
  3. Jealousy. If you date someone with a lot of friends of the opposite gender, or someone a lot of other people like to crush on, you’ll end up doing the same old thing. Jealousy is bad for everyone involved.
  4. Emotional attachment. It’s easy to get attached to someone when you start dating, but a lot of times it’s not a two way street. You’ll be putting yourself at risk for a long and painful road.
  5. Losing contact. One thing that tends to happen is that you lose contact with your friends and start to spend more and more time with your boyfriend. If things end up that way, you lose your friends. Then what happens when you lose your boyfriend? You won’t have anyone.

That’s just a short rundown of the things I found. I’m not saying be scared of a relationship {Totally not a hypocrite here}, but take your time before jumping into one!

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