E.L.F. Brushes

My first beauty product review *squeal* I’ve been waiting for this! So, no makeup expert is an expert without her brushes, and that’s what this post is about; makeup brushes!


Brushes included:
E.L.F. mini kabuki
E.L.F. Stipple brush
E.L.F. Blush brush
E.L.F Foundation brush

My everyday makeup wouldn’t be do-able without these four small but crucial brushes!

The mini kabuki brush was a Christmas gift, I got it with a blush/bronzer combo compact. (Another great E.L.F product)

I use this brush to apply my blush, because it goes on lightly and it’s easy to swirl until I get the right shade of pink! There’s really no downside to owning a kabuki brush, they’re very good for blushes and bronzers, and they don’t fall apart quickly.

I use the stipple brush to apply my foundation. After trying multiple brushes and sponges, I found that the swift bouncing movement of the stipple brush creates a smooth layer of foundation. Also, you don’t have to use a lot of foundation with the brush and that means you don’t dish out money as frequently!

With my blush brush I use E.L.F. tone correcting powder, a review for later, because it applies smoothly. The brush doesn’t fall apart or lose any tiny hairs, it’s pretty sturdy and soft!

The foundation brush actually has two ends, one large and one small. I use the small to dab my concealer, (I let it dry then dab it, not smear it) and the larger end to smooth my finished makeup. By brushing down I make peach fuzz almost invisible, and it makes the makeup have a smooth, natural look.

And the best part of all:
I can wash these brushes (stipple and foundation) in a DIY mix WITHOUT THEM FALLING TO PIECES! Simply mix a little Dawn dish soap and water, place the brushes in and swirl, let them soak, then take them out later to dry. (I lay mine in the windowsill)

E.L.F brushes are super affordable, but can easily compete with any high end brushes!


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