To: {Wherever the Gone Go}


Well, another off-schedule post today. A few days ago three young men in my hometown were involved in a car accident. {I waited a few days, didn’t want to rush this post} This brought up a lot for us.
See, the perks of being in a small town include knowing everyone and being like a small family. To me it seems like the high school itself is its own community! And so, whenever this happens we know we have to band together and mourn together. So let’s talk about this.

Tanner, that was his name. The first in this seemingly long chain of torture for us. I won’t discuss the matter of his death, but I will say this:
Finding out was like finding out a celebrity just rolled through town. Social media, one giant domino effect. It started early one morning in 2013, while everyone was in school. Soon the whole school was in tears.

Matt, my fellow classmate. He was next. A car accident took his life in 2013. As before, the domino effect happened, and this time the school had already been torn up from the last loss. This time was a hit to the chest.
For us, it was hard. We did everything we can to have his name live on at our school. Losing someone I’ve known since such a young age, someone I’ve been close to before, someone I’ve argued, laughed, and gone through my life with, that hurt.

Timothy and Maleke. January 21, 2015. A car accident.
We found out in the usual way, but it hurt even more now. They were in my class, only four months left until we graduate and really start our lives. Knowing that just Tuesday afternoon I was making goofy faces at Timothy from where I was sitting at lunch, and just a few weeks ago in December I was ranting with Maleke about freshmen, that hurt.

And Sammy, to those who have been saying “I’m gonna cuss him out and I’m going to make him wish he died instead” just because he was driving, shame on you. You think he won’t have enough trouble knowing he’s responsible for the death of two of his closest friends? He’s hurt too. He’s mourning too. He’s a lion too.

Whenever we go into these painful times we always show hope and strength using #LionStrong on social media, talking to each other about the loss, and becoming a tight knit group. We always respect the ones we lose.
The loss is and will be a pain for our county-they always are. And for that reason, there are a few things I want to say.

Whether you’re Christian, Agnostic, Amish, Atheist, Buddhist, Brahma Kumari, Deist, Hindu, or Judaist, doesn’t matter. The ones who pass away, they go somewhere. What you believe is up to you. I believe that their souls are still out there. So,


To: Wherever the Gone Go

First off, let me say that I think I speak for all of my school and maybe county when I say this: Those are some amazing men you are meeting. No, they might not have never sinned, they may have lied, they may have broke someone’s heart, they might have done a lot of things. But don’t we all? They aren’t perfect, I don’t think anyone is. But we had the honor of knowing them. Especially this year’s senior class. We’ve been through a lot these last few years. And we’ve known these men for a long time. We can only hope that they know that we will miss them for as long as we continue to live. They were us, Lions, and we won’t let them go without being remembered.

All Lions, One Heart
Franklin County


And to the students at school, if you’re reading this:

We’re literally all in this together {No High School Musical joke intended}. This is the time for us to reach out to each other and help each other get through this. In middle school, sixth grade, Dr. Phillips told me that I wouldn’t graduate with everyone in my class. Some would pass away. So every class has to go through this at some point. It’s better to start showing support now than later. Sure, Ell isn’t around this year. But that means it’s up to all of us to pitch in. And remember, the school brought in professional counselors, and we have plenty of teachers you can talk to. Don’t let it build up. Reach out.

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2 thoughts on “To: {Wherever the Gone Go}

  1. anhorgos says:

    I’m sorry for your loss. As I get older, I realize that death is an important part of life that we experience through the loss of loved ones. Death can push people apart, but it can also bring people together. Your grief appears raw right now, but eventually it will fade away to fond memories and honoring the ones you lost. I wish you a safe healing process and personal growth as you move forward.
    Very nice post.


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