The Senior Year Struggle {Applying to College}


The thing about being a senior in high school is that if you’re not busy with classes, if you’re not worried about grades, if you’re not working on or have already sent your college applications, YOU’RE NOT DOING IT RIGHT. I don’t know how many times I have to say it before I get the point across, but college is important. Even if it’s just two years at a tech school, it can change your life. It will help you make money, even if it’s just small pay at first, and help you support yourself. That’s why I do it. And the essays, the questions, the fees, the deadlines, that’s stressful stuff, so it’s important to get started as soon as possible!

My first career I wanted was teaching. From the elementary school days until the high school days I knew I wanted to teach. High school especially. But then I started to realize how horrible it feels to struggle financially, and decided I need to reevaluate. That’s when I found law school. I was reading a book, and I learned exactly what I wanted to be. A civil rights and criminal defense attorney. Good money and a good fit for me {I’m pretty good at making myself think I’m right….and defending people of course}.

So I went and I toured Oxford, part of Emory university. That place is my dream school. I love the community feel, the diversity, everything about it. But I can’t afford it, it’s a private college. So little old me had to settle for UGA {An equally amazing school}. First things first, I looked at their Pre-Law major.

Oops, did I say Pre-Law major? I meant {NOT} Pre-Law major, you know the major that requires you to take whatever classes an advisor gives you that might help you get into Law school after four years of not having a major. So I applied. It does disappoint me that it’s not a true major, but being financially unstable, it’s my best option. I sent in my application confirmation page and my payment information, I submitted my transcripts and such. All I needed now was my teacher recommendation.

A month. That’s how long it took, a month, for me to get my recommendation done. I sent emails to various teachers and I only need one, but nobody bothered to fill it out for a month. Then my favorite teacher did, and I was finished with my first-year applicant papers.

Then you can only assume that I was stress free, worry free, and careless. You can only assume that. Because I still had the Honor’s Program application to fill out. Joy. I finished everything, now I’m waiting on a recommendation from my Virtual School AP English teacher, and my transcript from my counselor. I’m waiting on them so that I can apply.

That’s what bothers me so much about applying for college. Every application has deadlines, and what happens if your recommenders or your counselors don’t get you the things you need on time? You can’t apply! So waiting on others to do something big and important in my life, not my cup of tea.

And so {*narrator from PowerPuff Girls Voice*}, Leighton Paige came up with a checklist of things to make it easier for people like you, and saved the day! {Cool music from the ending scene}

College Checklist

Brag Sheet

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