{You’re Being Attacked Without Knowing It {YOU’RE A VICTIM}}

There’s a secret that not many people know about, it’s about something that’s completely man-made, and it’s killing you from the inside out without you even knowing it. Millions of people are exposed to it, there’s commercials promoting it on the television, it’s readily available in all stores. But that doesn’t mean it’s safe.

This weapon contains sodium benzoate, citric acid, orthophosphoric acid, aspartame, sodium cyclamate, food coloring, and assorted aromas to pull you in for the trap.

  • The first thing to point out is that carbonated water was used in this attack to purposefully increase gas inside the body, which can cause stomach pain or in severe cases, debilitating pain.
  • Orthophosphoric Acid, E338, is corrosive. In fact, containers that hold this become corroded and fall apart! It can corrode steel on contact. This chemical can eventually cause osteoporosis and even broken bones, sometimes in painful skin rashes or infections.
  • Sodium Benzoate, E211, is dangerous if you have asthma. Taking it in through the body can quickly make your asthma worse, and it can deactivate DNA, which causes diseases such as Parkinson’s. It can also cause you to lose your liver, something required for living.
  • E951, or Aspartame, has a sweet taste. It’s typically known as a sugar substitute, but under heat it turns into gas methanol, which causes blindness. In a warm condition, it turns into formaldehyde, a chemical used to preserve specimen in labs. In a human it can cause loss of memory or hearing, joint pain, nausea, blurry vision, and heart palpitations! There a multiple cases of people being exposed to this attack on their body without knowing, and suffering from anxiety, or getting chronic fatigue syndrome, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, and even brain tumors.
  • Another scary part of this is E952, sodium cyclamate. This sweetener was banned by the FDA for a while because it can cause cancer, it’s allowed now though. But it still can cause cancer.
  • Oh! And the top secret ingredient, it’s a diluted form of cocaine.

Want To Know What This Is? I Posted It Here: {The Secret Attacks, You’re A Victim}

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