A Picture IS A Thousand Words {The Infographic Age}

An infographic is basically a whole lot of words in a picture format. Info. Graphic. It’s a new modern strategy for marketing in the digital age. It’s an attempt to make boring information fun and enjoyable to look at. Like this one from Online-Paralegal-Programs.com, “You Have The Right To Stay Out Of Prison”


My fascination with infographics started with my long-time love of Pinterest, where I first noticed them. I didn’t know they had a name though, not a specific one at least. Once I did my research and tested quite a few free makers, and even made my own from scratch, two sites came out on top.

Canva.com and Venngage.com here’s why!


  • I cannot express how much I love this website. It’s beautifully designed, it’s user friendly, it’s super simple, it’s free to use, and it offers a lot of content! If you’re looking to design an infographic for a major business meeting or a formal event, this one takes the cake. Its design options are gorgeous, and it’s a lot of fun to explore all of the options it gives you. You can make a number of different things as well, not just infographics. I will continue to use this website and I will recommend it to all of my readers and acquaintances!


  • This site is also amazing when it comes to creating your infographic from scratch! The sign up is quick and easy, and there’s a fair amount of free content to design with! The only things that strike me as a little aggravating, is that the sidebar is very confusing at first, and you can’t convert your creation into a PDF afterwards without paying. But those can be easily overlooked! I used this website to turn my resume into a professional, yet still cute, infographic that is sure to wow potential employers. I’d suggest this site to friends who are making infographics for small office or group meetings, small events, personal projects, or, if you’re very skilled with the interface, some big time formal events too!

But lets not forget that there are both PROS and CONS for infographics. If you’d like to learn more about them, here’s a great site that offers a lot of insight!


If you’re interested in making your very own infographic, here’s my easy guide to creating them from scratch {Especially if you use Canva.com or Venngage.com}

The Easy Guide To Infographics

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