You’ll {NEVER} Believe How Easy It Is To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions!

For some reason that I still don’t understand, mankind find the needs to take their post-Christmas guilt and turn it into goals for the coming year. I for one, have had absolutely no luck sticking to my New Year’s resolutions in the past, BUT I have been able to stick to random goals made throughout the year. So like you, I wanted to know: “How exactly can I give myself a better chance at actually sticking to my goals this time?” I took matters into my own hands, and here’s what I found.

  •   It will be much easier if you make one HUGE goal and a few sub goals for the year. This strategy allows you to focus most of your energy on that one “main” goal, then you can spend some free time working on the smaller ones in order to complete them by the end of the twelve month period.
  •   For you main goal, create sub-goals. Small goals that lead up to that goal. These can be hard to manage and stick to as well, so it’s important that you give yourself an incentive. Maybe a cupcake or a coffee break, or a fast food trip? Anything you enjoy but don’t get often can be used to motivate yourself to complete your goals!
  •   Be ready for failure. There will definitely be days when you don’t want to do anything, when you want to give up and just forget it. That’s what tends to happen when you get stressed or tired, or face an unlimited amount of factors. When this occurs, just take a breather. You have all year to complete you goal, you don’t have to finish it in one week. Take a break, relax. Just remember to jump back on it when you’re done relaxing!

images  NYResolutions

  • Commit to your goal. Support your goal. Love your goal. Become your goal. I love visuals, as do many others, and I use this to my advantage when making goals. Here are some tips to make sure you know your goal:
  1. Make A Poster! Make some sort of poster to hang in your house or apartment that you will walk by everyday. Advertise your goal on it, you can even get creative and draw or design it in an eye-catching way. Every month you may want to move the poster to another area, in order to avoid over-looking it every day.
  2. Make A Wallet Card! Cut out a piece of paper, cardstock, anything you’d like,and make a “mini” poster to advertise your goal. Place it so that you will see it or at least acknowledge it every time your reach into your wallet!
  3. Keep It On Your Desk, Computer, Or Phone! I recommend putting your goals in places you see every day. I have created a great Goal Sheet in PDF Form for you to use! Also attached is an example of how to use this sheet.

                                                           GoalsSheetPinkAndBlue   GoalsSheetGrayAndRed

Example: MyGoalsSheetExample

{Although I did research this topic, I DID NOT reproduce or steal anyone’s original works.}

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